Friday, February 15, 2008

MySpace Confessionals #1

I've had many conversations with friends of mine about religion — and I think MySpace is useful for just that (and probably no other) purpose. I start by posting a bulletin with a religiously insensitive title and see who of the people on my friends' list engages me. Sometimes there are arguments, sometimes there's a fruitful idea planted; but it's always interesting. Given the anonymous nature of my blog, I will be posting some of the thoughts that have been shared with me, sans background. Their only purpose is to illustrate some of the varied opinions on religion that you will find; also, I am in the deep south and most of the people you'll be hearing thoughts from are, as well.

From a female friend from high school:
No religion is perfect. Everyone of them have some kind of loop hole or hidden past. I believe what I believe mostly because of how I was raised, I will admit that. I was not forced to believe, I would not be looked down on by my family if I did not believe. I like believing that there is more to the world than this hell whole. I like looking forward to a peaceful place, even if you don't believe in heaven.
I don't look down on anyone for what they believe, I find other beliefs interesting and i love discussing it with others. I am may not totally agree with it but it is their belief not mine
I could not imagine living life without the feeling of peace that a higher being is guiding me, protecting me and my family. As far as the war goes, the only imaginary voice that told Bush to invade was his father. I understand the feeling of having someone overseas and fighting a meaningless war, a war that has been going on for centuries. All I can do is pray that he comes home safely to his family and praise God every time he does. Most of the time all I have is prayer.
It takes strength to talk about any religion/belief these days and I am glad that you are forward and honest, I have always admired that about you!! =)

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